Note: There are no new demos added at this point and this site is in maintenance mode


This web site provides links to demos shown during the SVG Wow! session at the SVG Open conference. The purpose of the SVG Wow session is to demonstrate features of the SVG format in either pure rendering, interactivity, animation, or integration with other open web technologies e.g HTML and CSS. Some of the demos are also meant to demonstrate advanced, upcoming features.


Unless otherwise specified, the source of the demos on this web site is under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This does not apply to the content mentioned on the attributions page, such as images, fonts, audio or video files.

Browser Support

While improving constantly, the level of support for SVG's most advanced or new features varies. The different demos have a bracketed list of browser and versions for which the demo is known to work. If the demo works fully, the browser is listed in white. If the demo works either partially or with some glitches, the browser is listed in gray.