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Photo Album

author: Vincent Hardy posted: October 04, 2009 at 03:00 PM categories: animation, interactive view comments

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This demo shows how SVG can be used to render images retrieved from the Flickr interesting photo source and provide a dynamic, interactive user experience.

The purpose of this demo is to show illustrate that SVG can be used, just like HTML, for AJAX applications.

The magnifier effect used in this demo was inspired by Jared Tarbell's text sphere. Here, the magnifier effect is applied on a single (horizontal) axis.

See attributions for details on using the Flickr APIs.

Running the demo

Click on the "Start SVG Demo" at the top of this page. When the demo has loaded, move the cursor to the bottom of the display. This will make the animated menu appear. The menu's speed is controlled by the distance from the center of the menu on the horizontal axis.

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